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Mokume & Damascus

Mokume gane is a Japanese word meaning "wood grain metal" available in 18ct yellow-, rose-, white- gold and stg silver and copper/stg silver combinations. It was developed by Japanese masters in the 17th Century, used originally in the production of samurai swords. Thin layers of metals are fused together and manipulated to create beautiful patterns that resemble the grain of wood.

Damascus (a term used by crusaders to describe the metal used by the artisans and sword smiths of Damascus, Syria). The process of creating damascus involves fusing multiple layers of two or more different steel alloys together to make a solid piece. This is then twisted, ground and manipulated to create complex patterns. No two damascus rings are ever the same.

  • damascus steel ring 5709
  • gold damascus steel ring 5712
  • silver damascus steel ring 5714
  • Titanium Damascus steel and 9ct rose gold ring 5708
  • Titanium damascus steel and sterling silver ring 5711
  • Titanium damascus steel ring 5701
  • Titanium damascus steel ring 5702
  • Titanium damascus steel ring 5703
  • Titanium damascus steel ring 5704
  • Titanium damascus steel ring 5705
  • Titanium Damascus Steel ring 5706
  • Titanium Damascus Steel ring 5707
  • Titanium damascus steel, 18ct yellow and Sterling silver ring 5710
  • Titanium gold silver mokume ring 5803
  • Titanium gold silver mokume ring 5804
  • Titanium gold silver mokume ring 5807
  • Titanium gold silver mokume ring 5808
  • Titanium, gold silver mokume 5806