Frequently asked questions

How long will it take to make my titanium ring?
Plain titanium rings take up to 2 - 3 weeks to make. Titanium rings with inlays up to 3 - 4 weeks and custom designed rings can take a little longer (during our busy times these time frames may alter slightly). If for some reason you need your ring sooner, it may be possible to fast track the order. In that case, just let us know what date you need your ring by. Please bear in mind that we do not sell from stock, as all rings are made to order.

Shipping time and costs:
International Airmail (5-12 days depending on destination) $ free
Courier within New Zealand Courier Post (1-2 days) $ free
Courier International to Australia (2-4 days) $ NZD 25.00
Courier International to North America & Asia (2-6 days) $ NZD 40.00
Courier International to Europe (3-7 days) $ NZD 45.00
Courier International to Rest of World (3-7 days) $ NZD 50.00

Can you advise me on how to get the correct ring size?
If you do not know your ring size, it is best to have your finger sized by a professional jeweller. It would also be helpful to know the width of the sizer that has been used.  Rings can also be made in ¼ and ½ sizes. If it is not possible to get to a jeweller, please email us at info@artifact.co.nz with your postal address and we can send you a free ring sizing card. We can work with sizing systems from all countries ( A-Z, mm, inches, 1-15, US sizes etc.).

What happens if I order the wrong size and my ring doesn’t fit?
Most of our titanium rings (including aircraft grade) can be sized up or down 1 or 2 sizes, depending on the style. The first ring sizing is free of charge. Getting the correct size at the beginning may save you from having to send the ring back for re-sizing. Please note that most rings with stones and some engraved rings cannot be resized, so they do not fall under the free sizing service.

Can you explain the different finishes?
Polished finish is a near mirror finish.
Brushed finish has very fine brush marks around the ring.
Satin finish is a fine sandblasted finish.
Matt finish is a darker coarse sandblasted finish.
Combination finish can be any combination of the different finishes. For this finish, it may need a fine dividing line or groove between the finishes.

Titanium ring finishes

How does the colour of titanium compare to the white metals?
9ct white gold and sterling silver are whiter in colour and give the best contrast between the metals in all finishes. 18ct white gold is almost the same colour as titanium while palladium and platinum have a subtle difference.
A brushed finish on these rings will still give some contrast, otherwise a combination finish may highlight the different metals more.

Is titanium scratch resistant?
Titanium will scratch and wear over time. It will acquire minor surface scratches or scuffs through everyday wear (depending on the wearer). If you do manual work we recommend the 6Al4V (aircraft grade) titanium, which is much harder than the pure (grade 4) titanium.

How do I care for my titanium ring?
Titanium rings can be cleaned with hot water and soap or buffed up with a polishing cloth. If the ring is badly scratched, it can be refinished by a jeweller or if you prefer we can do this for you. A brushed finish can be maintained by using a scotch brite pad (the ones used for cleaning pots & pans) with hot water and a little liquid soap. Brush the scotch brite pad with some soap around the ring, until you get the desired finish, then rinse under hot water.

What titanium grades do you use?
Most of our titanium rings are made from grade 4 pure titanium, although rings can also be made from grade 2 or aircraft grade 6Al4V titanium.
All of our tension set rings are made from 6Al4V (aircraft grade) titanium.

Can titanium rings be cut off in an emergency?
Yes. Titanium rings can be cut off using sharp ring cutters. Most hospitals and jewellers would have these.

Do you make custom made titanium rings?
Yes, all of our rings are individually made to order. If you have something specific in mind, feel free to email us a drawing or picture.

What ring shapes can you do?
The most common ring profiles (outside and inside ring shapes) are pictured below. Other shapes may be available on request.

Titanium ring shapes

Is there any difference in colour between the titanium grades?
No, they are very similar in colour.

What is the blue colour on the titanium ring?
The colour is a natural oxide formed by heating the titanium. Shades of blue, purple and black can be achieved by this method.
The best colours are obtained using the grade 4 pure titanium.

Titanium blue or black

How do I clean the blue groove?
If the colour becomes dull it can be restored by using sunlight liquid, hot water and a soft toothbrush.
Gently brush in the groove and rinse well under hot water.

Inside ring engraving?
We can engrave your ring in the font styles (pictured below). Up to 40 characters including spaces can be engraved. It will depend on ring size and design.
Small block and Italic block large are also available with a combination of upper and lower case lettering as in the caps and script style.
Letter sizes can be smaller or larger than those shown below. Please enquire if you would like it slightly different.

Standard inside ring engraving is free of charge.

titanium insite ring engraving